Premiere at La Modesta de Mataró

Having your compositions premiered never gets old… especially if two pieces are premiered in consecutive days!!! What an intense weekend, for the very best reasons! On Saturday we premiered “Unterstimme (under voice)” in La Modesta in Mataró, with Ariadna Rodríguez, Oriol Tort, and Adria Cano – a winning team that dove in fearlessly into my not-very-orthodox proposals and illuminated the audience with an unmatched interpretation of my work. Thank you very much for your efforts and to the organization – Ariadna again and Mar Medinyà – to entrust me with this space. This work is unique in my repertoire as the last step in composition is left to the performers, shaping the form and synchronization between the instruments, with each performance being radically different. I look forward to hearing it again (in a new form!) soon!

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