Film music

Para ver lo que quiero ver necesito más que los ojos (To see what I want to see I need more than the eyes)

An orfic voyage. A film buried in winter and dug out the following spring. The death and resurrection of a filme; the celebration of the circular mystery.

Duration: 7'
Genre: Experimental, Video Art
Year: 2019
Production: Arnau Padilla
Direction, Photography, Editing: Arnau Padilla
Original Soundtrack and Sound Design: Claudia Baulies
- Festival Punto de Vista, Pamplona, Spain, 2020
- 18º Festival Internacional Signos da Noite, Lisboa 2020
- AT THE FRINGE International Arts Festival, Tranås, Sweden, 2020
- Ull Nu, Andorra 2021

Agua y más agua (Water and more water)

An oniric portrait of Barcelona –filmed in double exposition and 8mm reversible film– is intermixed with an intimate voice that creates a collage of micro-memories.

Duration: 6′ 12″
Genre: Experimental, Ensayo, Documental experimental
Year: 2021
Production: Francesca Svampa
Direction, Photography, Editing: Francesca Svampa
Sound Design: Claudia Baulies
Awards and festivals
– Best Experimental Short – Best Editing en Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan, 2023
– 49th Athens Film + Video Festival, Ohio, USA, 2022
– Small Axe – Radical Short Film Awards, Tolpuddle , UK, 2022
– 8 Bogotà Experimental Film Festival, Bogotá, Colombia, 2022
– VIII Directed By Women Spain, Madrid, España, 2022
– Kursaal Film Fest, San Sebastian, España, 2022
– 10th International Video Poetry Festival, Atenas, Grecia, 2022
– 14th San Francisco Latino Film Festival, San Francisco, USA, 2022
– 9 Cinetekton! Festival Internacional De Cine Y Arquitectura, Puebla, México, 2022
– 5th Revolutions Per Minute, Boston, USA, 2022
– 5th Engauge Experimental Film Festival, Seattle, USA, 2022

Cómo filmar a las flores (How to shoot flowers)

“How to shoot flowers” is a personal essay film, where artistic creation and expression, such as the stop-motion animation or the liberating dance, become the medium to overcome a difficult time.

Duration: 14′ 53″
Genre: Essay film, Documentary
Year: 2022
Production: Francesca Svampa
Direction, Photography, Editing: Francesca Svampa
Original score and sound design: Claudia Baulies
Awards and Festivals:
– Mención Especial en 3º Matiff – Matera International Film Festival, Matera, Italia, 2022
– Selección official 6º FICAH – Festival Internacional Cine de America, Pachuca, México, 2022
– Selección official ULTRAcinema XI, Morelos, México, 2022
– Selección official XII Contra el Silencio Todas las Voces, Ciudad de México, 2022

No encuentro mis últimos sueños (I can’t find my latest dreams)

After his father’s departure, David begins to take medication to try to overcome his grief. He will attempt to stop taking the drugs because of the side effects, but these will cause a series of hallucinations about a lucid world through which he will navigate, trying to understand these internal memory gaps.

Duration: 15″
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2022
Direction: David Espel
Original Soundtrack and Sound Design: Claudia Baulies
Awards and Festivals:
– Currently in distribution.